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City Heat....

For Adults, The Best Choice of Palaces!!!

The Palace,the Ultimate Virtual Reality Chat On the Web.

Palace Client Address:  : 9999

or 9999

If you are an An Adult (over 18), City Heat is where you will want to spend your Virtual Life. Meeting people, making friends, and just about everything you do in "Real" life.

You will have nearly 500 rooms to explore. From Mild to Wild. Many are private. From Private chats, to Nude Beach Parties City Heat has it all.

Since City Heat is an Adult Palace therefore Nudity is allowed.

We have sexy, helpful Wizards to help you learn to Palace. This site also contains tutorials so you can learn on your own.


Click here to download The Palace User Software.

Click here to see our Tutorial & Download page.

Come back often, we are working on more interesting, useful and FUN pages for you to see.

***Coming Soon****

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